How Are Coin Flip Winners Determined?

Each entry is assigned a # of tickets based on the value of the items entered. The creator is the lower numbers and the joiner the higher numbers. Assumming the creator has winning percentage of A and the joiner has winning percentage of B (A + B = 100).

A random percentage P between 0 and 100 is generated.

If P < A, the creator wins. Otherwise, the joiner wins.

How Does Provably Fair Work for Coin Flip?

There is a secret server seed which is randomly generated for each game. This is revealed after you play.

There is a SHA-256 hash of the server seed and this is shown to the user on the Coin Flip page BEFORE the game is started.

How Can I Verify Past Games?

Players may replicate past games using the below code:

$server_seed = "pmtrJ9kK5z2vfHgTYHtnBQr8cm3kdW5kt34Kd8KoAnS3jR5iDfsqernhmWqcNq8n";
$creator_percentage = 49.12;
$joiner_percentage = 50.88;
$hash = hash("sha256",$server_seed.":".$creator_percentage.":".$joiner_percentage);
$winning_percentage = floor(hexdec(substr($hash,0,13)) / 4503599627370495 * 10000) / 100;
echo "Winning percentage = $winning_percentage";

You can execute PHP code straight from your web browser with tools like PHP Tester. Simply copy-paste the code into the window and replace the server_seed, creator_coins, and joiner_coins for your own. Execute the code to verify the game.